Para as minhas queridas S. na esperança de que nunca desesperem.

And I’m even more convinced than ever that ALL journalists have to get wired or die.

And yes, that applies to you, the 53-year-old reporter calling yourself a “narrative writer” and you, the student who wants to write for magazines and you, the photojournalism educator who left the newsroom 10 years ago and just wants to teach kids to shoot.

With this in mind, here are tips for journalism students, professionals and educators on how to become a wired journalist.

1. Open your mind.

2. Learn the lingo.

3. Get some training.

4. Train yourself.

5. Invest in equipment.

6. Link up.

7. Get yourself out there.

8. Create a Web presence.

9. Stay current.

10. Don’t despair.

As Rob Curley says, “The most important part of the word newspaper is news, not paper.”
Posted by Rachele Kanigel at AQUI